Publication Ethics


The editorial board of the scientific journal “Scientific Horizons” is guided in its work by the international ethic rules of scientific publications, which include the rules of fairness, confidentiality, observing the publications, recording the potential interests’ conflicts etc.

The editorial board follows the recommendations of the Committee on Publications Ethics and “Publishing Ethics Resource Kit” of Elsevier publishing house in particular. 


The editorial board of the scientific journal keeps to the following rules of supporting the publication ethics:

  • keeping to the general principles of publication: scientific character, objectiveness, professionalism, information support of the most important innovative research;
  • absolute loyalty to all objects of a creative process who take part in journal creation;
  • wide use of a double blind review, involving objective competent reviewers to work;
  • conducting permanent consultative work with the authors aimed at meeting the requirements of the international data basis as to the typography and contents of the material given for publication.


Zhytomyr National Agroecological University (ZhNAEU) as a publisher of “Scientific Horizons” takes responsibility for keeping to the standards of ethical behavior from all parties which participate in the process of publication: authors, copy editors, reviewers and publishing house.


Duties of the Editor and the Editorial Board


Publication decisions

The editor makes decisions as to the papers publication. He is guided by the journal’s policy, which is based on the academic value and the reviewers’ conclusions. The editor keeps to modern rules as to defamation, intellectual property rights violation and plagiarism.

He must not use non-published information in his own research without author’s written permission. The editors must make necessary decisions about considering ethic claims related to a given manuscript or a published paper.  

The editor estimates the manuscripts intellectual contents irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious views, origin, citizenship and authors’ political preferences.


The editor and the editorial board do not disclose the information related to the manuscripts (authors, themes, text). Any manuscript submitted for reviewing is treated as a confidential document. 

The editor and editorial board guarantee not to disclose the information as to the submitted manuscripts to any persons except the authors, reviewers, other scientific consultants and a publisher.

Disclosure and conflicts of interest

Non-published materials must not be used in any research by the editor, reviewers, or other persons without a written permission of the authors.

The editors, reviewers, scientific consultants must recuse themselves from considering the manuscripts in case of occurring the conflicts of interests as a result of competitive, common and other interactions and relations with the authors, companies, and other organizations related to the manuscript.

The editorial board guarantees to take appropriate measures in case of conflict situations and claims related to the manuscripts and to published materials. 

The journal “Scientific Horizons” can solve the issues concerning the claims or hesitations as for illegal measures related to research or publications, which were put forward by the readers, reviewers or other persons. Besides, the publisher reserves the right to inform the readers about resolving the conflict situations. 

Duties of the Editorial Board

  • to keep to a courteous and reserved attitude to the author and his scientific determination, to keep an editorial secret, to avoid unfairness while processing the materials;
  • not to correct the author’s text, to approve the final variant of the text after the editorial amending;
  • not to publish scientifically worthless materials which do not correspond to the journal profile, contradict its editorial policy and are sure to contain plagiarism or were published in other editions before;
  • to engage objective and competent reviewers, to use double (blind) reviewing practice.

Duties of the Reviewers

  • to analyses all the manuscripts without any prejudice, to estimate each of them in a proper way regardless of racial, religious or national belonging as well as the author’s status or work place;
  • to keep to the reviewing term determined by the editorial staff;
  • to treat the manuscript as a confidential document, not to give it to any person for reading; the written reviews must be confidential;
  • not to use non-published data from the manuscript;
  • to give an objective, substantiated and correct estimate of the enounced results of the research.

Duties of Authors

  • to provide novelty, reliability and originality of the research results, to shape the authors’ materials giving the sources of information;
  • not to allow excessive borrowings, plagiarize in any form;
  • to guarantee that the paper is an exclusive material and was not published or submitted to any other edition before;

Sending the materials for publication in the scientific journal “Scientific Horizons”, the authors agree that in case of taking their materials for publication they can be placed in electronic databases. Their authorship and copyright will be protected in full.

The sources of external information in a form of a reference list (including the authors’ papers, which were published before) must be given in a text itself in full. The authors must properly draft the borrowings in the form of quotations or references.

The authors guarantee to submit the paper only to the journal “Scientific Horizons”.

The submission of the same manuscript simultaneously to more than one journal is understood as unethical behavior and affords ground for withdrawing it.

In case of discovering substantial errors and uncertainties in the publication, the author must inform the editor and cooperate with him in order to withdraw the publication or correct the errors within the shortest possible time.

If the editor received the information that the publication contains essential errors, the author is obliged to withdraw the work or correct the mistakes within the shortest possible time.


Originality and Plagiarism

The manuscripts submitted to the editorial staff of the journal “Scientific Horizons” are checked for originality.

The authors bear full responsibility for authenticity of the papers content. To avoid incorrect borrowings and using the research results of the third party, we ask the authors to keep to the ethics of a scientific citation. 

The authors must give reliable information related to the results of the work performed by them, as well as an objective discussion of the research importance. Upon editor’s request, the authors must give all the data, related to the manuscript.

The authors are obliged to give their own, new (not published in other editions), original work. In case of using the work or ideas of other authors, they must give corresponding references. 

Plagiarism in any form is unethical and is not accepted.