Plagiarism policy

 The journal “Scientific Horizons” staff informs the authors of their full personal responsibility for incorrect quoting, using the research results of other persons as well as observing the standards of scientific citation.

The authors should provide:

  • the originality of an article, that is the scientific content should not have been published in other periodicals in any other languages; 
  • the absence of plagiarism; 
  • reference to authorities in case of using the works of third parties;

The journal “Scientific Horizons” employs the software to reveal coincidence and similarity in submitted content: 

To prevent plagiarism the editorial board of the academic journal takes the following measures:

  • an article is checked (by means of software) for the presence of third parties’ quoting without corresponding reference to the source;
  • while considering an article, a certain conclusion is made as for the absence/presence of plagiarism.

The submitted manuscripts are checked for originality according to the following criteria: the article is admitted if the originality makes up 80%; the originality being 50-80 %, the author should recheck the presence of sources and proper referencing; 40-50 % of originality is unsatisfactory, the content is sent to be fixed with the further mandatory check-over; the article is not admitted if the originality makes up less than 40%.