Open Access policy

The journal keeps to an open access policy, endorsing the principles of free spreading of scientific information as well as those of a global knowledge exchange aimed at general social progress. 

A full-text access to the scientific papers of a journal is represented on an official site 

It corresponds to Open Access Requirements Budapest Open Access Initiative's definition of Open Access. The licensing policy combines with most policies of open access and archivation.


«Scientific Horizons» is the scientific journal of an open access type. It means that all its contents are in free access to users and are free of charge. The users can read, download, copy, spread, print, look for or make references to the full texts of the papers as well as use them purposefully without editorship or author’s allowance in case of references to them.

The editorial board of the scientific journal "Наукові горизонти. Scientific Horizons» is guided in its work by the international ethic rules of scientific publications, which include the rules of fairness, confidentiality, observing the publications, recording the potential interests’ conflicts etc.

The editorial board follows the recommendations of the Committee on Publications Ethics and "Publishing Ethics Resource Kit" of Elsevier publishing house in particular.