Aims and Scope

The editorial policy of the journal “Наукові горизонти. Scientific Horizons” is the publication and further discussion of the original research and review materials of the authors from different countries on a wide range of issues of agricultural, veterinary, technical, economic sciences as well as on interdisciplinary research. 

The purpose of a scientific journal “Науковаі горизонти. Scientific Horizons” is to elucidate the results of the scientific research, different points of view on global and current scientific problems as well as the perspectives analysis for the future.

The tasks of the journal:

  • the publication of the scientific results on broadening and upgrading the scientific research in national economy alongside with the introduction of innovations into the production process;
  • the ingratiating of partners cooperation with foreign scientific publishers;
  • the enhancing of the culture of reviewing and annotating the materials which are published;
  •  keeping in line with editorial ethics;

The representatives of modern national scientific elite, Post-graduate students, Masters, students of higher educational establishments, the agrarian sphere workers, public officers as well as the researchers from other countries can write for the journal.

The journal publishes the materials on such principal directions as: Agrarian Sciences and Foodstuffs, Veterinary Medicine, Electric Engineering, Mechanic Engineering, International Relations, Public Management and Administration, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Management and Administration. 

The principal criteria when choosing the materials for publication is their compliance with the status of the given edition, the progressiveness and the topicality of the ideas, the scientific and factual reliability of the given material.